Poolbeg Lighthouse Walk

For a while this year, I was thinking to walk to the Poolberg Lighthouse. During the weekend, it is a popular walk among the locals, known as the Great south walk, is not far from the city centre and offers marvellous views of the sea, Howth village( I was there a couple of weekends ago ) and parts of the coastal area.
Poolbeg Lighthouse is one of Dublin landmarks; it was built in 1769, initially operating with candles and later changed with gas oil. The lighthouse is located on the south wall of Dublin port, which was the world longest at the time of build and now is the longest sea walk in Europe.

I started my walk from Sandymount beach, but first enjoyed the views with a cup of coffee 🙂

The walk to the entrance is about 30 -40 minutes depending on if you are walking, cycling or using a scooter like me. The sea was with the shallow tide at that point, and you can even walk probably 3 to 4 km inside and take a shortcut to the lighthouse.

Walking towards the entrance you can enjoy the view from the sea and the greenery around.

These are the Poolbeg Chimneys of the power station, which are visible from most parts of Dublin and are one of the tallest structures in the city.

Soon after you pass them, you are next to the entrance or the beginning of the walk, and here you can find a small car park. In some places, this is marked as the shorter walk – from the front of the car park and if you start as I did from the Sandymount beach – long walk 🙂

Next to the car park, there is a car with refreshments if someone wants to buy a coffee or water. There are no bathroom or restaurant/coffee facilities around, so if you want to enjoy coffee, it is better to bring it with you or try the red car one.

Someone was phishing and enjoying the views and pleasant weather.

The path for the walk was with cobbles, and I immediately regret I had come with a scooter; I wasn’t planning to go to the end of the walk with it, but walking with it was very noisy. I wouldn’t say I like the noise you can hear that someone was coming from far away. The walk is 4 km, and it takes you about half an hour or so, but as I was more careful not to break something on my scooter was walking slow, and it took me longer.

The views of the sea are lovely.

In the distance, you can see Bull island and Howth village.

And soon enough, you reach the lighthouse itself.

I have friends who had walked there a couple of times and said that there is different graphite on the wall every time. This time was a text sign.

The place is a popular phishing spot, and there were quite a few people with phishing nets.

There was some wheel in front of the Lighthouse.

Good weather, lovely views, nice Saturday morning walk.

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