Howth-Saturday Day Trip

Hello Everyone,

Last weekend, I decided to make a short cycle trip to one of the nearest villages- Howth. It was one of the rarest sunny and very hot summer days in Ireland- a perfect day for a cycle and hike. The plan was to cycle to the village, which is approximately 25 km from where I live and after that do the famous cliff walk. I didn’t realize that maybe it will be too much to cycle around 50 k and walk for 3 hours as this is the amount that will take you to do the entire walk. I ended up completing just half of it, but it still was a perfect Saturday Day Trip.

A little bit about the village and the Cliff walk.

Howth is a small seaside village situated north of Dublin city centre just about 17km away and can be easily reached out with a car, bus, train, or bike as I did. One of the oldest harbours is situated there, and with its historic buildings, seaside cousin and outdoor activities, Howth is a charming place. One of the popular activities is the walking loop which starts from the Dart station; this is the local train station. There is more than one walking trail route- short and long, but all of them are known like the Howth walking Loop. You can find the map with the trails in the village center as well. I saw one somewhere in the “middle” of my walk close to the Baily Lighthouse. Along the way, you will enjoy stunning views of Lambay Island, Ireland’s Eye and Dublin Bay.

The cliff scenery is amazing 🙂

After cycling for about 2 hours, I arrived in the village and took a deserved cup of coffee, looking where to enjoy it found the harbour. It was pretty windy around it, but it was still early in the morning, and people were starting to come.

From here, you can see Ireland’s Eye, a small uninhabited island that was previously part of Howth estate.

After half an hour stay, it was time to start my walk loop; I was not sure yet if I will go all around the island but was thinking at least walk around one side of the peninsula. All around there was signs and directions which way you can to take and a couple of tourist going to the loop so you wouldn’t miss or get lost.

It is an easy and mostly flat hike with some sheer drops and a couple of more challenging stretches. The path is slightly uphill and quickly gets to a scenic point with lovely sea views.

It was a sunny day, perfect for a cliff hike 🙂 After walking a while, I reached the point where you can see the Baily Lighthouse, and this is where I decided that I will be turning back and not make the entire loop.

Going back, I took the way up to one of the car parks, which is very close to leading into the village. At one side of the hills, this pretty field of flowers was looking like a lovely blanket.

Although I walked into the village, I left visiting the sites for another time as I had another 25 k to cycle. Here are just a few photos of Howth:

A lovely day trip with bike.

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