Hello 🙂

Behind Pettite Two a Pret is Petya, originally from Bulgaria, currently living in Dublin, Ireland. I love cooking and eating healthy but learned what is healthy and not when I start travelling. From an early age, I experimented with different food and tastes even went to cooking school (I don’t remember much)- poor mum cleaning the kitchen after me. Living abroad, I was exposed to different food and dishes, some of which I learned to cook, but with a spin. I always forget to buy an ingredient, decide to try what will happen with additional components, or change ingredients -like lately; I tried to cook biscuits with chickpeas. Recently I got more into nutrition and how foods work with each other, so hopefully, my food will taste better.

From an early age, I knew that I wanted to live abroad, and since I started to travel in 2009 haven’t stopped. I don’t think my parents expected that and probably will think twice if they need to do it again. I have been fortunate to travel on two continents and a few countries in Europe. My type of travel is to live in a country for a while and experience the culture, tradition, food maybe learn the language and move to the next place. My first travel experience was in the USA on a Work & Travel Program -not bad for a first international experience, thanks to my parents. I have also been part of the Erasmus program in Greece during my student years. Other countries to mention are Germany in Berlin & Hamburg, Austria in Vienna, and my third time in Dublin, Ireland. Yep, third time, I don’t know there is something about the people here and the place which makes me come back. It feels so home, like my home away from home. The question now is not whether I will stay here, but how long before I go away for a while again ???

So what is this blog for -you guessed food -traditional and non-traditional dishes with my take on them, mostly healthy. As well stories from my experience living abroad- past and current.

Thank you for visiting 🙂