Sunday Walk

Hello and Happy Sunday 🙂

For the last few weeks, I started and stopped writing but today, I decided to finally finish at least one of the articles. It has been quite a challenging time with changing my place and I can say I finally found something but will post another article about this as is quite a lot to write now.
One of the Sundays between viewings I had time in the morning to walk to the nearest beach(Claremont beach) it is a small place but when the tide is low it can be a couple of kilometres long from one neighborhood area to another.

The claremont beach is centrally located behind the train station and close to Howth harbor. The entrance is a little bit hidden behind the train station and the first time I went I almost missed it.
The beach has preserved the wild environment with its sand, rocks, and a breathtaking views of the Irish Sea. It is a walking spot for the locals and tourist a stone away after having fish and chips from the nearby shops.

Usually, when the tide is high you can’t walk on the beach but rather on the pavement alley next to it, but when the tide is low the walk stretches from Howth to Sutton which is a good 3- 4 km walk with picturesque views.

From a distant, you can see Ireland’s Eye a long- uninhabited island close by which is reachable with a boat from the end of March/April until September (an upcoming trip ;))

On weekends is quite busy with morning walkers, dogs, and kids playing around; the water is quite shallow and you can walk quite far into the water.

On one side of the beach there are villas, they look as of you are in California or another warm country. Unfortenutelly, this is Ireland and the four seasons are actually one- rain. But the views of these villas are picturesque.

Some of the windows views of these houses 🙂

By the way is something typical here for one hour the weather had changed from sunny, to windy to rainy and cloudy.

The place below looked as is not from Ireland.

It is a great refreshing walk, I use this type of walk as mediation 🙂

Lovely Sunday morning 🙂

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