Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a great start to the year – it has been almost two weeks already-13 days. Time flies, heh.
I hope this year brings good health, prosperity, and many wishes that come true.

I started and stopped a few posts, but December was quite a distracting month. Now, I have prepared quite a few articles coming up in the next few weeks.

Thinking of posting a long review of 2022, but instead will do just a few sentences. The year was full of challenges, lessons learned, happy moments, some local travels, a few crazy recipes, and changing my place and work. It was quite an active year and at the same time, there were moments feeling still and quiet.
This year I have decided to concentrate more on blogging and local travel stories and of course recipes. I really enjoy writing, but unfortunately, last year didn’t have too much time to do so, or more likely was easily distracted.
Some UI updates for the blog are coming up, as the current theme has been retired, and anyway is time for a change-new look and new photos.
There are quite a few recipes I am trying and looking forward to sharing with you, as well as some healthy updates that will reflect them.

This year I am focusing on learning more about food as a source of vitamins, and minerals, and how they influence our bodies, therefore will be articles on these topics. I am actually considering a nutritionist path, but this may come later in the year when I squeeze in more time.

I am excited for this year more than any, a lot of new changes, new opportunities, more crazy recipes, new trips, and travel stories.



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