Hello again :)

Happy November, hope you had a relaxed weekend and if you celebrate Halloween had a fun and spooky ”Trick and Treat”.
It has been a while since I posted a recipe or something, but it has been a bit crazy lately, and more specifically the last couple of weeks which turned into two months. One of the reasons is I have been looking for a new place here in Dublin, and it has been more challenging than I expected. Usually is always difficult to find a new room/apartment, but this time was a bit more challenging than usual.

I started looking for a new place early in the summer, but my mistake was that I was looking just into one area, and now after I moved out, I think this is kind of a luxury here in Dublin- you need to look everywhere. After almost 5 months of searching of which two concentrated almost just on this, I have finally found a nice place to live. Although until the spring ( temporary), after all the places I have seen this was the best in regards to price and location. It is a shared apartment, but to find your own place in Dublin is crazy expensive and you need to be extremely lucky. I guess everywhere is a similar situation in regard to the apartments, but I think Ireland is getting crazier. The demand is higher than the offering, and as there is no cap on the rent rate the landlords can require you to pay extremely high for a small room- if you are lucky to find one. This year to add to this, there are more places with the crazy requirement for some of the rooms for just five days per week, reducing the available places. You could see the interest in one room with more than 500 or even 1000 views in the blink of an eye – just crazy. I will write another post with more details about the housing crazies here, but just wanted to explain a little bit about why I have been away 😊
Do you have such issues in your country? Is it so crazy to find a new place to live?
In my previous place, the landlady wasn’t tolerating anymore working from home, for me, this is the principal place where I study and work so a change was needed. To add to this, I changed my job which increased the complexity of finding a new home place 🤪

Now I am starting to write again AND cook again 😊 will be posting some recipes during the coming Fridays.
I can’t believe we have two months till the end of the year hehe the time is flying.
I have visited a few small towns around Dublin looking for a new place and will share them as well.

The place where I moved is Howth, a town village/city neighborhood with good transport connections to the city center 30 minutes and surrounding towns. I have written about it before and have visited this summer for a long hike, little did I know, I will be moving here in the fall.

From this side of Dublin, I have an opportunity to travel and rediscover the northern neighborhoods.
This is from this weekend:

New coffee spot a few meters from where I live:

Have a lovely week 😉

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