Saturday Hike- Messy’s Estate

Hello Everyone 🙂 

Hope you have a relaxing Sunday.

I was going to post this last Sunday but had forgotten that travel stories need a bit more time to prepare- at least for now 🙂

Last Saturday, a bit spontaneous, I went for a light hike- my first green walk this year. Me, my camera, a cup of coffee, fresh air, and five hours walking – perfect morning. And not to forget the nice Irish weather.

Last year, I wanted to visit this place, but somehow couldn’t find the time. It is not too far from where I live but is not close either, I mean walking distance. Perhaps, I could cycle, but haven’t walked too much lately and decided it is time- my legs were a bit sour after that, but honestly, it was so nice to be in nature and I didn’t realize how much I have walked.
That’s one of the big positives of living in Dublin, if you want to go for a hike, you don’t need to go too far away. There are many places in the city and around the city.
At first, when I heard the name, Massy Estate, I thought is some kind of big mention house with green spaces, but is a forest area that belongs to a house long ago demolished, some of the ruins can be seen around the forest.
The Massy’s Estate is located on the foot of the Dublin Mountains, about 12- 13 km from Dublin city centre and can be reached very easily and quickly by car, bus or cycle. Although the last one can be a little bit challenging due to some of the hills as well you need to be careful as you will share the road with cars, pedestrians, and maybe occasionally with horse riders. Yes, horse riders 🙂 this is due to the horse riding school in the area.
And of course, you can walk like me, but from the city centre, it will be quite far, unless you are living on the south side of the city or visiting someone who lives in that area it will be a good hike.

Some of the cyclists- here it is not so uphill 🙂

A little history: I didn’t have too much time to research the place, but what I found is that the original name of the area with the forest was Killakee. Later they were named after the family who bought the estate and moved into Killakee’s house. The Messy’s estate had quite a development during the first few decades with walled gardens, a fountain, ice house. Unfortunately, in early 1900, the family had declared bankruptcy, the banks took the Killkaee house and as nobody was found to buy it, the house was demolished in 1940. (reference information link, and Wikipedia)
Walking up, I passed a few neighbourhoods and as I kept going further outside the city it was looking like I am in the Irish countryside although just stones away from a city neighbourhood. The surroundings of Dublin look so cute and so peaceful like taken from fairytales, one can forget is living in a big city. Walking on the narrow streets, sharing with quite a lot of cars and cyclists, you can see pretty views from the city and the port. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take it, as I don’t have yet my zoom lens, but soon. It is a nice view.

On the way up there are a few places where you can buy a coffee from one of the local pubs The Merry Ploughboy, which seems to be famous. There was a sign with coffee to go, not sure if it was open as I was early there, but it seemed quite busy outside the parking lot. The other place where is possible to stop for refreshment is the Timbertrove Cafe, which is a couple of meters before the entrance of Messy estate. Funny enough after this coffee place there is an entrance to a private residence which I took for my destination hehe, I need to go back and ask for directions at the coffee. It appears it is just a little bit further.
Walking up to the place, there were nowhere signs showing I was somewhere near or which way to go- I just followed my google maps. Maybe I had taken the wrong path to go there. Well anyway, the entrance is probably around 300 meters away from Timbertrove Cafe.
As well I did not see any well-marked signs inside the forest where are you or any maps, which is usually the practice here, or at least to the most places I have been. So if you are walking around you can get a bit lost like me 🙂 but is easy to get back or orient yourself. People and families were walking around so you can ask them for directions or to help. It is noticeable fewer people than usual in green spaces, maybe because it was not as nice weather and we are in January.

And here is the entrance:

After a few meters, you will encounter a place it looked like is enchanted.

There are quite a few small sideways but doesn’t matter which one you take it will take you to one end of the forest area. Like I mentioned previously there are not so many markings where to go but is a forest, so I guess is normal. At some places, you can see small white arrows pointing the way.

After following for a while an alley which other people were walking to, I come across ruins from the mention and small river:

I walked a little bit further reaching almost one end of the forest and although I wanted to go to the end decided to go back, as I saw more ruins and was guessing that these are the walled gardens I read about previously. So I went back and yes – these were the gardens. You can wander around and see some of the old mansion walls.

It is so pretty, peaceful and has fresh forestry air.

After walking around the place decide, to go outside as it was looking, as I am going in circles around the gardens :). I was getting confused about where I am and thinking that I am going too far around the forest and couldn’t find a map but was actually on the right path to the exit.

Lesson for next time to research a bit more 🙂
Close the exit more people were going out so I was sure that I found it, well after a while wondering if I am on the right path.

I was going to go to another sightseeing place, very close by, but knowing I will have another two hours walking, decided to leave it for another time.
I enjoyed walking, the forestry fresh air, and this lovely, enhanced place -so nice to find new places where I live. It was like I went to another town but is just 30 min away by car or cycling.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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