Chocolate yoghurt mousse

Happy Friday Everyone 🙂

I hope Everyone had a lovely first week of the new year.

Today, I will share a quick and easy recipe I usually cook in the evening when I want something sweet but is too late to prepare or go to the store 🙂 It is again one of those recipes I look at what I have in the pantry and think if my experiment will have a tasty result ( most of the time has 😉 )

Servings: 2 Time : 5-7 min
hand holding glass with the mouse -desert
  • 400 gr yogurt
  • 2 tbsp. cocao powder
  • 1 tbsp honey/ maple syrop
  • 1 tsp. lemon juice
Optional Ingredients:
  • vanila (instead of lemon juice)
  • macca powder
  • 1 tsp. yogurt or sour cream 
  • dry or fresh rosemary
  • 3- 4 frosen or fresh rasberries
  • 3-4 slices of banans
  • coconut flakes
How to:
  1. In a medium bow place the yogurt and mix well with fork.
  2. Add the honey or maple syrop and mix again until homogenious mixture.
  3. Add the cocao and mix again very weell until all of the powder had been absorbed.
  4. Add the lemon juice -mix well.
  5. Serve and garnish with rasberries or bannans or any seasonal fruit of yur choice.

TIP: you can try it with the plant alternative of yoghurt, like soya or coconut yoghurt milk.

A few more photos 🙂

Enjoy 🙂

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