Ticknock Walk -Dublin Mountains

Dublin is a large city but as well, not so much 🙂 in about 30-40 minutes, you can reach the waterfront, mountains or city centre – or maybe it is just where I live :).
Last Friday, the weather was surprisingly sunny, so I decided to go for a light hike -A Ticknock walk. It is about 5 km away from the area I live in, and the walk usually starts from Marley Park, which is around the corner.

A little bit about Ticknock:

Ticknock is a forest area in Dublin Mountains and is a popular activity on weekends and sunny days. It is about 30 -40 minutes from the city centre (by car) and 3 -5 km from Balenteer or Sandiford, offering a network of forest walks and mountain bike trails and fantastic views over the city and the coastline. It is about 10 km of trails through the forest and the mountains with plenty of loops like the Fairy Castle Loop.

When I have the chance, I go but haven’t made the entire loop/walk. Usually, I go to the television transmitter, which is the top of the Three rock mountains.

Walking up to the entrance takes me about 30 -40 minutes, and I could take some pretty photos of Dublin city and the houses in that area.

On the way up ( when you are walking, not the path with car), you can find one of the horse riding schools in Dublin:

After the entrance, I wondered about taking the shortcut walk or going up but decided to go for the longer one as there is part of a forest that is just fantastic green. Not sure if I could capture it as it was looking, but I love this place :

It is a pretty easy walk, and signs lead the way up, and you can follow the road. There are a couple of maps in a few places and the MTB markings.

There was so much nettle I was considering taking some fresh for a tea, but I didn’t have gloves, hm next time.

There are places like taken from the fairytales. When my mum visited me, she mentioned that it looks like a Leprechaun forest or that a small fairy will appear from somewhere.

And the views from the Tree rock, I don’t have zoom lance, so made some nice photos with what I have 🙂 You can have a snack, drink and keep going or go back as I did.

I took a different path back, a small stone way on the left side, which parallels the primary roadway.

I forgot to mention before going up and up, a couple of meters after the main entrance, there is a bike coffee shop where you can buy a coffee or rent a bike:

A few more photos of this afternoon walk:)

A lovely afternoon walk.

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