Dalkey Island

Hi Everyone,

A couple of weeks ago I saw a picture on Instagram, and at first, I thought is somewhere far away but when I started looking realized that is 40 minute from where I live. I decided to book a boat trip for one of the following weekends; unfortunately, the weather was always rainy. After a while, I decided to book it anyway as the weather would not get better and decided to go even if the trip day was rainy. No surprise the weekend I was going was more rain than usual, but I was determined to go until two hours before the trip when I called to ask if it is still happening; with no surprise, they said yes, but they said I could postpone if I want to – I did. I was hoping for no rain weather -high hopes.
I postponed to next weekend.
There was a weather forecast for a heatwave coming to Ireland. Still, I didn’t believe it – if we have 25 degrees and no rain for a few consecutive days in the summer, we are lucky, but I don’t complain – I always say the rain is one of the Irish charms, although sometimes it’s hard to plan trips.

To my surprise, yesterday was warm – I can’t believe at some places it was registered 30 degrees. So in a way, it happened perfectly, postponing for a week later. It was a sunny and hot day, perfect to go on a boat trip.

Like I mention above, the island is not far away from Dublin and its shore. It can be easily reached by boat or kayaking from Dalkey village ( a Dublin suburban area in the south), or if you are adventurous, you can swim for about 300 meters to the island.
I choose to take the ferry from Dun Laoghaire harbour for about 45 min round trip.

Dun Laoghaire Harbor

The ferry doesn’t stop at the island; it just goes around, but it still was a lovely evening trip.
Dalkey Island is 25 acres uninhabited, and you can see some seals relaxing there and wild goats running around. The place is a spot used for fishing and birdwatching. You can see the Martello Tower and ruins of a small church and the picturesque Dalkey shore.

A lovely Saturday evening trip, definitely will try kayaking next time.

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