Name Day – PetrovDay

Hello Everyone,

Today is Petrov day. Do you have a name day in your country?

This is a tradition of celebrating a day based on an individual given name. The custom originated with the celebration of Catholic and Orthodox calendar saints, where there was a festival celebrating the saint names on a particular day.

When I was looking into more information about this celebration, I found out that it was widespread in quite a few countries, but this tradition faded out with time. Now very few countries have this, and it can differ significantly in each one. In some places, name days are considered as significant as your birthday.

It is customary in Bulgaria to celebrate your Name day if your name has one. A few of the most popular ones are George’s day (May 6th), John’s day(January 7th), Nikulden (December 6th), Tsvetnitsa – (this one is for people named after flowers and trees).

This celebration is like a second birthday for us 🙂 it is for your health. Usually, you spend the day with your family and friends and if you have time maybe prepare something sweet. 

Petrov day is a summer holiday and mark the beginning of the actual summer in Bulgaria. It is celebrated on June 29th by new tradition or July 12th by old custom. My family and I have always celebrated the 12th. and I usually try to go for a day trip somewhere or find a new place in my city. This year is just a relaxing day with a pencil in my hand and the start of a new drawing.

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