Pixel Illustration

Hello 🙂

I was wondering if I should write about my illustration or keep it separate, but as design is a big part of my daily life decided to share my last illustration study.
Last month, I come across a course with Grid design and one of the exercise was text with grid, which I found to be fun to learn. As I was practicing, was thinking maybe it will be good to try to with people, scenery and different fruits. In the beginning, I was very slow, well I am still but constantly improving. At some point during the second week of exercise decided to look for more lessons and directions on YouTube, where found out that there is a whole universe of this type of illustrations. Yep, I have discovered the Pixel art illustrations.
I have seen them before but didn’t realize how they are made, until I started experimenting with grid design. During May I concentrated to do as much as I can and you can see some of them here. They are so fun and relaxing to do and I am glad I discovered them although accidentally :). Now I have so many ideas to work on, and will keep improving to see where this will lead.

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